There are three main aspects that govern a Strata Building such as Aspire Apartments.


  • Aspire Apartments’ strata affairs are managed by Strata Republic, 704/70 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.  Their phone number is 1300 884 104.  Our Strata Manager extraordinaire is Paul Walker.


  • Day to day building management – See the top of this page for contact details of the Building Manager assigned to Aspire Apartments. Best contact is via email, as the role is a part time role.


  • The Strata Committee currently consists of three (5) persons.  All are owner residents, most having purchased their properties off the plan from original developer as follows:
    • Mark, an Information Technology Executive, who loves travel, holding the office of Chairman (5 years consecutively).
    • Jaye, a Lawyer with a great sense of humor, holding the office of Secretary (2 years consecutively).
    • Waleed, a banking professional, holding the office of Treasurer.
    • Brian, a University administration professional, and an avid sake connoisseur.
    • Raf, a banking sector professional, and all round nice guy!

Members of the Strata Committee are fully committed and passionate about maintaining and enhancing the building, giving Aspire a reputation of aspiration!