Living in Aspire


The below information is important for each and every Aspire Apartments resident.  We recommend that you familiarise yourselves with the information contained below, and in other sections of the website.

Aspire Apartments is not a hotel or serviced apartments, we are a residential community living in the heart of the CBD.

This is a building for respectful people.  Failure to comply with federal and state laws, along with our own building by-laws will not be tolerated.  This is a well run building, with open arms for those that respect others and the building’s rules and regulations.

  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Cameras):  High density, state-of-the-art CCTV is in operation in Aspire.  There are 39 individual cameras that form the CCTV system.  Video footage is stored for an extended period, and live footage is often monitored and recalled for any issues.
  • Garbage chute (on each level):  Please bag all items up, and double bag where possible before tying closed, placing the small to medium bag down the chute.  NEVER place large bags down the chute.  NEVER place the following items down the garbage chute – doing so creates major issues, blockages, extra cleaning time and expense that could be charged back to the offending resident:
    • Loose items
    • Glass
    • Bottles of any description
    • Pillows
    • Blankets
    • Boxes
    • Stick like items such as broom handles or finishing rods
    • Food
    • Any other heavy or loose item/s




  • Type of Accommodation:  Under no circumstances is short term letting or tourist letting permitted.  This is in compliance with the City of Sydney Council issued 88B instrument that relates to the zoning of the land lot.  Building by-laws passed in early 2016 also out-law this to reflect the wishes of the majority of owners.  Boarding houses and subletting also fall into the category.  Should this occur in any lot within the building, legal action will be taken against those that are responsible, and removal from the building or council compliance action will be eminent.  Refer to the Rental Laws page for further information.
  • Internet Access:  The Owners Corporation has engaged TPG to install fiber directly into the building.  This is TPG’s private network, not the NBN (National Broadband Network).  This service is faster, more reliable and cheaper than the NBN.  This internet service is available to ALL residents, and is the fastest residential internet service available in Australia, delivering download speeds of 93mbps, and upload speeds of 41mpbs.  The service includes a standard phone line, and includes all local, national, mobile and international calls (to selected countries) dependant on the plan you choose.  Please visit the TPG website for further details and pricing (TPG fttb). Should you prefer an NBN service, that’s also available to you.
  • Air Conditioning:  Please DO NOT turn off the A/C circuit breaker located in your electrical box in your apartment.  Doing so will render all air conditioning units on your floor and the one below or above inoperable.  As per the notice on your electrical box, a fine may be payable to residents that do not comply with this requirement, as it affects other residents from using a basic service.  Note that internal air conditioning units (including the replacement of filters) are owners responsibility.  Filters should be changed annually, just before the summer months to ensure no health impacts on residents.  Barnes Air Conditioning have been chosen as the preferable contractor, and can be contacted on 02 95334462.
  • Building Access:  Security fobs that allow access to the building are issued by the Building Manager.  There is a fee associated with the loss and replacement and issue of new fobs.  This fee is $50 per fob, which barely covers the cost of each fob.  Most buildings charge between $100 and $150 per fob.  There is a maximum allowed number of fobs assigned to individual apartments, and this is dependent on the size of each apartment.  Please contact the Building Manager for further information.  AFTER 3RD SEPT 2019, THE CLONING OF SECURITY FOBS WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE, AS WE ARE MOVING TO A FULLY ENCRYPTED SYSTEM.
    • Noise:  Noise and disturbance that affects the quiet enjoyment of other residents will NEVER be tolerated in UNREASONABLE CIRCUMSTANCES, and will be dealt with in accordance of strata law.  Please call the Police if you are being disturbed by other residents, and report it to the Building Manager by way of email or by placing a letter into the Building Manager’s, located in the main entrance foyer for followup.
  • Common Property: Personal items MUST NOT be left on common property as per by-law 7.4.  This includes, but is not limited to shoes, door mats & other items.  Any items found on common property will be taken away and disposed of.
  • Car Parking:  See specific Car Park page on this website for information relating to induction and use.