Moving IN/OUT


It is important that you notify Building Management, Aspire Apartments, at least 3 working days in advance of your moving in date.

Confirmation is subject to lift booking availability.


Contact details can be found on this website.

This will allow us to install protective lift curtains so that you do not damage common property.  This will also allow the building manager to ensure that your moving times do not interfere with already booked moving in or out of the building, lift maintenance and other factors.  This also records that no prior damage is blamed on you and ensures a smooth, least time taken process for yourself.

The Building Manager can also furnish you with a lift key to allow full, independent access to one lift (upon completion of the lift induction).  Note that only one lift can be locked off for moving at any one time, hence the need to arrange and plan your move.

NSW Strata Law states that a 14 day notice period is required for any new resident move ins.  We will attempt to furnish your request well within this time frame, dependent on your availability for required inductions and your furnishing of required documentation to us.  We aim for a minimum of 3 working days notice to ensure that there is enough time to arrange requirements.  The Owners Corporation is NOT responsible for any delays between your lease start date and your agreed move in date.  A description of the process can be found here for your information:


Remember that you are responsible for any damage caused and cleaning up any residue from your move on common property, including the lobby areas after you have completed your move.

Failure to ensure that any mess is cleaned up after your move could incur cleaning charges, and/or the cost of repair to common property damage caused.  

This can be billed directly to your property manager, the owner’s strata account or your claimed on your rental bond (in the case of rental tenants).

The required new resident form can be found here:


Please ensure that you fill this out in detail, including all required information and required documentation with the tenants real signature (this is a legal document).  Please attach all required documents as files.  Do not embed the documents as images in the body of the email:

  • Copy of agency or landlord lease, at least the first, second and last page showing details of lease – scanned, not a photograph please – as this will be rejected.
  • Evidence from your chosen electricity provider, that you have connected the electricity service in your name – scanned, screenshot, not a photograph please – as this will be rejected.
  • Current photo ID of all residents – scanned, not a photograph please – as this will be rejected.
  • Use the supplied checklist on page 3 to ensure that you have all the correct documents.
  • Keep page 3 and 4 for your records (no need to submit these two pages).
  • All documentation needs to be scanned and attached as files in a quality format – NO PHOTOS of documents or ID will be accepted, and submitted to the Building Manager at least 3 days prior to moving into the building. This will start the process of booking in an available date and the required building induction, and lift induction prior to your move.


Building inductions are required for everyone that will be living in the building.  This can be done at any available time prior to your move date. The lift induction needs to be strictly completed on the day of your move, and will run through how to use the lifts in “Independent Mode”, which allows easier use of the lifts for moving multiple items.  We suggest doing both on the morning of your move.  This can be 7.30am Mon-Fri, or from 7.30am on-wards on Saturdays.  Once both inductions are completed, security fobs for your apartment can then be enabled.

Without following the correct process in place, your security fobs will not be enabled.  Nor will they be enabled last minute, due to failure of submitting the required paperwork.

Note that Sundays are not an accepted moving day as per building by laws, Mon through to Sat within business hours are permitted only, dependent on lift availability and other bookings for works happening in the building.  Moving is to occur within the hours of 9am and 4pm ONLY, as per building by laws.

Leaving your administrative work till last minute will only inconvenience you, and no one else!  Please be proactive – it’s in your best interests.

There are limited parking allocations assigned to specific apartments, with no visitor parking or loading dock.  The parking area in the building is an automated lift/robot/stacker system.  Those that have a car space assigned should refer to specific instructions on car parking access on the Car Park page of this website – HERE.

There are a limited number of bike/scooter parking spaces at the rear of the building, and these are not assigned to any one apartment. First in, first served – use of these spaces is a privilege, not a right. These spaces are in place for residents only, and registration with the Building Manager is required PRIOR to using this area, to ensure that any bikes do not get chained for trespassing on private property or removed.

Please be respectful of all other residents when moving in or out.  When moving in, you are responsible for making sure that the L1 (ground floor) lobby, lift/s and level lobby are not left untidy for other residents.  This may involve using your vacuum cleaner to clean up after you!  Failure to do so will mean that the cleaner or Building Manager will need to clean your mess up, and you will be charged for this time.