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Aspire Apartments employs a reliable, unique, modern car parking facility with a car lift, robotic arm and car stacker system. This facility is available to residents, that is owners or tenants that RESIDE PERMANENTLY in Aspire ONLY and have a car space on their title, as per the City of Sydney 88b instrument document that relates to zoning laws for Aspire Apartments.  A car space CANNOT be used by someone that does not reside within the building.  There are NO exceptions to this rule for many compliance (legal & contractual) and feasibility reasons. If a resident wishes to lease out their car space to another resident (only) within the building, this MUST go through the Building Manager in the first instance.

KPI’s are published in regards to the reliability of the system, commencing the first week of 2017, and can be found at the bottom of this page below.

It is important to note that if you have a car parking space assigned to your apartment, an induction session will need to be completed with Klaus Multiparking PRIOR to issue of any car space access fobs.

The induction request form needs to be filled out on the Klaus Multiparking website.  Information about the induction process can be found HERE.

Please click on the induction button, follow the prompts and fill out all of your details as requested:


Once this is completed, the Building Manager will be contacted to authorise the induction.  Once authorised, you will then be contacted by Klaus Multiparking so that a suitable time to carry out the induction can be arranged.  If you have not received contact within 24-48 hours, please contact us to arrange your booking on (03) 9524 6614.

Please note that inductee/s vehicles MUST be present at the induction, and it is also the responsibility of the tenant to provide site access.  All inductees must be residents of the building.

All inductions are payable to Klaus MultiParking via credit card over the phone at the current rate, and this cost is borne by the inductee.

There are NO exceptions to this rule for legal, safety and service contract agreement reasons.

Once inducted, you should ALWAYS wait for your car to leave the cabin area and disappear from sight, before assuming that your car has successfully entered the system.  Failure to do so could result in your car returning to the cabin area, placing the building in a compromised security situation and blocking the cabin for incoming or outgoing access, inconveniencing other residents.

You should never call your car from the lift, with the intent to retrieve your car later.  This also inconveniences others if you get caught up and do not attend to your car right away.

Persons that have NOT completed the car park induction, run by Klaus MultiParking are NOT authorised to use the car parking facility.  This is a building by law, and conditions of use of the car parking facility.  Failure to comply could see access revoked and charges for service call out fees applied.

If the car stacker gives an error when withdrawing or depositing your vehicle, you MUST contact the Klaus MultiParking service number to report the issue and have them correct it.

Continuous inconvenience caused to other residents with be dealt with accordingly, and may lead to access being taken away as per building by laws.

There is limited bike/scooter parking at the rear of the building.  This is in place for residents only, and registration with the Building Manager is required.  Failure to do so will mean that the bike is chained, evoking a $50 release fee as per the signage in the area.

Note that there are NO visitor car parking spaces available at Aspire – Wilson Parking offer casual parking, right next door in Nithsdale Street.