Rental Laws


IMPORTANT – Rental Laws

  • At an extraordinary general meeting of the owners corporation in 2015, a by-law was overwhelmingly passed to outlaw short term rental accommodation within Aspire Apartments. This includes any rental of any apartment in Aspire for a period of less than 30 days.
  • Over and above the by-law, the 88B instrument document issued by the City of Sydney Council on 15th May 2015 clearly states that subleasing of car spaces (regardless of owner permission), short term accommodation including motels, hotels, serviced apartments, private hotel, boarding house or tourist accommodation (AirBNB, Stayz, Gumtree and the like) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and deemed illegal under the “terms of easements, positive conveyance & restrictions on the use of land to be created pursuant to section 7(3) of the strata schemes (freehold development) act, 1973 & section 88B of the conveyancing act. 1919″.
  • Our building by laws also state that any resident needs to comply with the 88B instrument document issued by the City of Sydney Council on 15th May 2015.
  • Note that sub-leasing is NOT legal under standard leasing contracts, and in the State of NSW, can only be legal with the express permission of the owner.

Breaching this law & the building by-law, will result in swift action through available legal channels, and security fobs may be de-activated whilst the City of Sydney Council enforce compliance under the strata subdivision of lot 1 in DP 1206707.

Aspire 88B Instrument Document

Special By-Law No 1