IMPORTANT: Building/Window Washing

Commencing Monday next week, 16th December 2019, TownView will commence the cleaning of all exterior building surfaces, including glass windows and metal louvres.  Work will take all of next week and the week after to complete.

It is envisaged that the cleaning works will take approx. 2 weeks in total.

This wash will include balconies and balustrade glass (both sides), the glass exterior of your balcony doors and balcony area in general. 

To carry out window glass and louvre cleaning efficiently, we will require the following from ALL residents for the duration of the work being carried out:

  • During the day,  please close ALL windows and balcony doors, tight – so that water does not penetrate the interior of your residence.
  • If you are located on the northern side of the building and have adjustable louvres, please open ALL louvres so that they are open and “flat” horizontally, and not on an angle (ie, So that you can clearly see outside from your apartment – DON’T SHUT THEM PLEASE!).  This will allow the cleaners to access each side of the louvre and the window, in between the louvres.  Note that the eastern facing (Alberta St) louvres are fixed, and do not move or cannot be adjusted.

Any residents that do not leave their windows closed or louvres open will NOT have their windows cleaned for another 3-4 months.

Also, please remove any items from your balcony that could be affected by any overspray from water hosing from adjacent window washing. Alternatively move the items to the rear of the balcony and cover with a plastic sheet if at all possible.

Remember to close and lock all windows, and if required lower any internal blinds or shut curtains for your privacy.

We will endeavour to generate as little disruption as possible.

For those apartments that face the northern side of the building, if you do not have a louvre handle that allows you to open & close your louvres, one can be supplied for you – Please contact the Building Manager in relation to this should you require a louvre handle via reply to this email.

It is recommended that Managing Agents contact their tenants to ensure that these works go smoothly.  Notices have been emailed to all residents and Managing Agents on file, placed in both lifts, delivered and placed on each apartment’s front door – as well as placed up on our website ( ). 

Any questions, please ask.